About Viet

Viet Huynh (pronounced like "hwin") was born and raised in Goose Creek, SC and began his stand-up comedy career in Atlanta, GA.  Moving forward, Viet has used that initial positive buzz to quickly become a favorite at many comedy clubs and venues across the nation. Viet left his structural engineering career to follow his dreams of talking in front of drunk people while continuing to disappoint his parents. Viet has shared the stage with many well known comedians and has won a few comedy competitions along the way. Viet derives a lot of his humor from his life of being an Asian-American growing up in the South, observational and nerd humor, and relationship issues. Viet co-hosts a podcast talking about Avengers and X-men Comic Books called Earth's Mightiest Podcast.  When he's not performing, podcasting, or engineering he's making custom action figures.  

Stand-up comedy. Custom Action Figures. Comic book podcasts

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